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We make Environmental Compliance EASY

Rapid Spill Response offers a comprehensive range of specialist environmental and industrial cleaning services that makes it easy for your company to comply with legislation and company environmental audit requirements.

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We pride ourselves in the service delivery to clients, by managing QMS systems internally and providing clients with an excellent customer experience.

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With more than 20 years experience in various industries, we can create custom solutions for your environmental problems.


Providing ongoing improvements on the way your company can manage and reduce your environmental impact and risk, click here for more information

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We follow an outcomes-based approach to ensure a lower cost solution to the highest regulatory, environmental and industry standards. Click on our services for more information.

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Solutions based products and services

Rapid Spill Response offers a comprehensive range of specialist environmental and industrial cleaning services that makes it easy for your company to comply with legislation and company environmental audit requirements.

24HR Spill Response
We get to the scene of your spill, 24 hours a day and manage your emergency from containment to clean-up to site rehabilitation and sign-off.
Environmental Cleaning
When Environmental hazards, historical spills or disastrous incidents threaten your legal compliance, brand or operations. Contact Rapid Spill Response.
Industrial Cleaning
More than Spill Response. Rapid Spill Response is your Partner for Industrial Cleaning, from containment to clean-up we have the solution for you.
Tank & Silo Cleaning
Vertical and horizontal tanks and silos pose serious risk to personnel due to dangerous confined spaces and hazardous waste.
Asbestos Removal
We are a registered asbestos removal contractor with the Department Of Labour (DOL). Speak to us about Asbestos inspections & inventories.
With the Rapid Spill Response spill kits you can contain & cleanup spills when they happen & prevent negative environmental impacts.

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Some safety tips and general information pages.

Workplace safety

Workplace Safety

Safety at work starts with you…. Yes, You!

You the employee, You the Manager, You the business owner. Everyone is responsible for work  place safety.

It is your responsibility to be alert and aware and make your well being a priority.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings –Accidents can be prevented purely by being aware of changes to your immediate environment.
  2. Protect your back– Back injuries are more often than not the result of minor injuries. If you work at a desk, keep your shoulders aligned with your hips and sit up straight, if you are picking up or moving items, use your legs.
  3. Take a breather– Many workers are desk bound in our current technology era, so remember to take a breather, walk to the printer and fetch your copies or go to the water dispenser and refill your cup. These short breaks help with de-stressing and keeping you mind fresh and healthy.
  4. Stay Alert – Any substance abuse places you and your colleagues at risk. If you are on any medication that causes drowsiness of has side effects , let your manager or a colleague know.
  5. In Case of an emergency– Know the evacuation plans, the emergency numbers (Ambulance, Fire, Police) and who the First Aiders or emergency personnel are.

Remember, you are also responsible for the safety of yourself and those around you, be it your family, your colleagues or the passers by.

Contact us for a FREE, PRINTABLE emergency numbers document here.

SA Emergency numbers

Safety First – Hard Hats

Safety First – Hard Hats

Do I need a hard hat?

Hard hats should be worn in any area that has the potential for workers:

  • to be hit or struck by falling, fixed, moving or protruding objects.
  • to come in contact with electricity.
  • be exposed to UV, weather, and extremes of temperature.

Hard hats that comply with the standards must be worn at all times while on site where there is a risk of objects falling from above. In fact hard hats are becoming mandatory on most sites.

Choosing the Right Hard Hat for the Job

Hard hats come in a range of styles to suit all types of work:

  • Industrial – suitable for use in construction, factories and quarries
  • High temperature – suitable for use in processes such as steel and glass manufacturing
  • Bushfire fighting – suitable for use by emergency personnel for combating bush fires
  • Peakless – allowing clear upward vision
  • Peaked – providing shade for the eyes and some facial protection
  • Full brim – providing fuller protection from falling objects and UV as well as water shedding

Some hard hats allow for the attachment of accessories to add further protection such as face shields, respirators, hearing protection and work lamps. When selecting your hard hat you should also consider whether ventilation or hi-viz colouring is of benefit.

How Hard Hats Work

Hard hats are made of a hard outer shell designed to take the initial impact, and an inner harness designed to absorb and spread this impact which minimises the effects of the force to the skull.

Wearing Your Hard Hat Correctly

  • Adjust the harness cradle to ensure comfort and total contact with your head at all times.
  • It is recommended you do not wear clothing items on your head as this will result in the harness cradle becoming ineffective. This includes hoods, baseball caps, thickly woven or heavily seamed beanies or balaclavas. Some hairstyles such as dreadlocks are also not recommended. As an alternative, safety clothing distributors offer seamless polypropylene beanies which do not interfere with the performance of the harness cradle.
  • To secure your hard hat, you can use the elastic chin straps, or a four point retaining strap integrated with a harness when working at height.
  • Ensure any attachments are compatible with the make and model of the hard hat.
  • If you have any specific questions about wearing your hard hat it is a good idea to check with the manufacturer.

Looking After Your Hard Hat

  • Store in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight, heavy or sharp objects.
  • Keep your hard hat away from chemicals including paints, paint thinners, solvent based adhesives (some stickers) and cleaning agents.
  • Clean by scrubbing and immersing in warm soapy water, and rinsing in clean warm water.
  • Sweat bands must be regularly replaced as required.
  • If the hat loses its glossy finish and appears chalky, the shell must be replaced

The Safety Check

All hard hat components should be inspected at least weekly for signs of dents, cracks, penetration and damage due to impact, rough treatment or wear. A simple test is to squeeze the sides of the hard hat together and listen and feel for signs of stress or cracking which would indicate brittleness and deterioration. Field tests have shown helmet shells last for three years from issue date. Components of harnesses may deteriorate more rapidly and may need to be replaced.

Do hard hats have a use-by date?

No, however it’s a good idea to record the date of issue by writing on the inside of the hat with a marker and replacing the hat every two or three years. Please note: that means the date that you are issued the hat, not the date of manufacture.

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