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Archive: August 2, 2022

Workplace safety

Workplace Safety

Safety at work starts with you…. Yes, You!

You the employee, You the Manager, You the business owner. Everyone is responsible for work  place safety.

It is your responsibility to be alert and aware and make your well being a priority.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings –Accidents can be prevented purely by being aware of changes to your immediate environment.
  2. Protect your back– Back injuries are more often than not the result of minor injuries. If you work at a desk, keep your shoulders aligned with your hips and sit up straight, if you are picking up or moving items, use your legs.
  3. Take a breather– Many workers are desk bound in our current technology era, so remember to take a breather, walk to the printer and fetch your copies or go to the water dispenser and refill your cup. These short breaks help with de-stressing and keeping you mind fresh and healthy.
  4. Stay Alert – Any substance abuse places you and your colleagues at risk. If you are on any medication that causes drowsiness of has side effects , let your manager or a colleague know.
  5. In Case of an emergency– Know the evacuation plans, the emergency numbers (Ambulance, Fire, Police) and who the First Aiders or emergency personnel are.

Remember, you are also responsible for the safety of yourself and those around you, be it your family, your colleagues or the passers by.

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