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Archive: May 1, 2022

What Are The Food Safety Pillars?

What Are The Food Safety Pillars?

Cleaning & Sanitising

The first step in creating a food safety system is the fundamental aspect of cleaning and sanitising.

Personal Hygiene

The second pillar is probably the most important in terms of eliminating cross-contamination. Hand washing and clean hands awareness are critical to food safety.

Food Storage

The third pillar can be categorised into two areas Perishable foods (Cold storage)

Dry goods

Temperature Control

The fourth pillar of food safety is a fundamental principle in preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring the quality of food is maintained.

Food Handling

The fifth and final pillar of food safety related to how food is handled during storage and preparation.

Food Handling carries the greatest risk when dealing with cross-contamination.

Using the food safety pillars is an essential way to prevent food poisoning. This system can be used in any kitchen, whether at home, hotel, restaurant, food truck or food factory.


Cross-contamination is a major cause of food poisoning and can transfer bacteria from one food to another (usually raw foods to ready to eat foods).

It is crucial to be aware of how it spreads so you will know how to prevent it.

Prevention Solutions:

Contact us for info on solutions to maintain a clean work area. spark@rapidspillresponse.com