Specialised Industrial Cleaning

More than Spill Response. We’re your Partner for Industrial Cleaning.

When cleaning goes beyond what your team can do safely and effectively.

  • Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Structure Cleaning
  • Roof dedusting services
  • Fire Restoration
  • Pipeline Descaling
  • Pipeline Draining
  • Ultra-High Pressure Jetting 2800 Bar – 150 Bar
  • Surface Preparation
  • Decontamination Services
  • Bund Cleaning and Sealing
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Shutdown cleaning services

When safety, cost management and on-time job completion counts.

The Rapid Spill Response Difference:

  • Highest level of safety
  • Highest level of project management
  • Respect for time constraints
  • Specialised equipment
  • Respect for budget constraints
  • Real-time communication
  • Complete legal compliance

UHP and Jet Cleaning

Blocked systems and piping slows down throughput and can cause unplanned or forced shutdowns for maintenance. High pressure cleaning is the answer.

We provide fast and effective cleaning and unblocking services by use of high and ultra high pressure water (150 bar to 2500 bar). This is a high risk service delivery for which we have the experience and trained teams to execute work safely.

Our expertise ensures:
• Correct job scoping
• Safety and efficiency
• Minimised downtime
• Cost saving
• Longevity of pipes and equipment
• Environmentally friendly

Surface and Structure Cleaning

Cleaning of surfaces and structures are often high risk due to confined spaces, working at height, vapor and chemical management as well as potential negative environmental impact.

We reduce your downtime, access challenges and need for supervising by offering highly trained and experienced cleaning teams.

We do it right first time with expertise in:
• Working in confined spaces
• Vapor management
• Working at heights
• Chemical training
• Rescue training
• Environmental impact management

Fire and Flood Damage

In the unfortunate event of fire or flood disaster, you need a trusted partner to rely on in an emotionally and operationally intense situation.

We provide solutions to end users and insurance companies that enables the affected party to be operational as soon after the event as is possible.

With 20+ years of experience and specialised pumps and equipment the aftermath of fire and flood damage to property is quickly and cost effectively addressed.

Let us assist with:

  • Large or small sites
  • Management of the site
  • Containment and clean-up
  • Hazardous waste management and legal disposal
  • Recovery of materials for recycling
  • Regulatory expertise

Pumping and Upliftment

We offer pumping and liquid upliftment services to all industries including fuels, dangerous goods and chemicals.

Contact us for fast and effective:
• Product changes in underground and above ground storage tanks
• Transfers of product from tank to tank
• Removal of waste for tank cleaning or removal purposes
• Recovery of product incorrectly pumped

Shutdown Cleaning Services

When planning Shutdown Cleaning, we understand that you have to balance minimizing downtime, on-site contractor supervision and effective cleaning results.

We understand your limited shutdown timeframe and the need for a first-time-right approach.

We specialize in cleaning services with:
• Flexible schedules
• Skilled cleaning teams
• Solution based delivery
• Disciplined project and time management
• Minimal involvement or supervision from client

De-dusting Services

Dust and dirt build-up can affect product quality or even increase risk of fire such as in the paper and wood products manufacturing and processing industries. However de-dusting is labour intensive and required trained and competent personnel due to heights, production facility equipment below and explosive dusts.

We offer a specialized De-Dusting service for fast, efficient cleaning by experienced competent and safety conscious teams.

Our specialists have experience in:
• Working at heights
• Explosive dusts
• Decontamination of structures and equipment
• Difficult access to work area

We are flexible to work outside of operational hours to minimize production losses.