24 Hour Spill Response – More than Spill Response

Rapid emergency response to the scene of a spill is crucial for the safety of people, the environment as well as cost management.

We get to the scene of your spill in record time, 24 hours a day and manage your emergency from containment and clean-up to site rehabilitation and sign-off.

The Rapid Spill Response Difference:
• Experienced teams
• Direct management involvement
• Informed decision-making
• Real-time communication
• Absolute Compliance
• Transparent costs

Road Spills

(Roll Overs, Load Shifts, Burn Outs)

In the event of a Road Spill, you need a professional, super-fast response to mitigate risks. You will most likely be faced with pressure from authorities and roads agencies, damage to the environment and legal liability from 3rd parties coupled to your brand reputation.

We specialize in Rapid Spill Response to mitigate your risks and provide peace of mind. Our experienced teams led by expert management on site provide real-time updates on incident status as we proceed with responsible and legal site management. By working to have sites completed and signed off fast, we ensure lowest costs.

We provide:
• Rapid response to site
• Real-time communication
• Detailed reporting
• Transparent costs
• Site management and rehabilitation
• Assistance with reporting to the Department of Environmental Affairs
• Completion of all notifications as required by NEMA and NWA.

Fastest site closure with lowest costs.

Industrial Spills

Industrial spills do not keep office hours. When a spill incident brings your production area to a slowdown or standstill, lost production impacts the entire business.

We get to your site fast, 24 hours, 365 days with experienced supervisors and highly trained staff, including a project leader, who will ensure a swift clean up to minimise the negative impact on your business. Rapid will resolve any spill anywhere anytime.

We respond to any spill, anywhere at any time.

We are a compliant, professional, and trusted partner to many Blue-Chip companies, and we understand your company’s compliance needs, ensuring that they are met.

Rapid Spill Response is easy to work with. A one point-of-contact partner that will ensure your legal compliance.

Chemical Spills

Where Hazardous Materials are concerned, you need customized spill solutions that guarantee legal compliance, are responsible and cost-effective. Sudden uncontrolled releases of chemicals are extremely hazardous and require specialized expertise to manage. Chemical spills can also cause pollution, fire, or explosions, all which can threaten human life, 3rd party property and the environment.

We provide a 24 hour 365 days of the year emergency response service to leaders in the chemical industry offering highly trained and competent hazmat technicians to assist and resolve any spills.

Whether it is explosives, corrosives or paint and anything in between we are your spill solution.

Any chemical, anywhere at any time.

Our highly trained staff are on call to neutralise chemical waste either on your site or on the disposal site, eliminating the need for further 3rd party waste handling.