Rapid Spill Response provides clients with a wide range of site safety tools, from PPE to hand tools and containment products. We have the solution for you.

Contact us to schedule a FREE SPILL RISK ASSESSMENT at your site. This assessment includes a report and recommendations on the preventative measures, that can be implemented to assist in reducing the risks of unnecessary large product spills and losses.

With Rapid Spill Response Technical Experts, we can assist you with a cleaner, safer work place.

Wheel Chock Block

Wheel chocks are placed for safety in addition to setting the brakes.

These chocks assist in preventing accidental movement of vehicles and equipment.

Available in various sizes to accommodate various wheel sizes

Rapid™ Overdrum

Use Rapid™ Overdrum to contain damaged drums or large containers, the drum top is secured by a locking ring for safety.

Drum Funnel

  • Return product to 210 L drums easily.
  • No mess due to 600 mm diameter funnel
  • Lid prevents rain water from entering the drums
  • Fits onto tight head drums
  • Makes recycling of product easier

**** Unit now also available in steel ****