We are Environmental Compliance made easy

Rapid Spill Response offers a comprehensive range of specialist environmental and industrial cleaning services that makes it easy for your company to comply with legislation and company environmental audit requirements.

You won’t find a team that is more committed and accountable for solving your problems.

We follow an outcomes-based approach to ensure a lower cost solution to the highest regulatory, environmental and industry standards.

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With a wide range of services that can be custom made to client requirements, Rapid Spill Response should be the preferred service provider to contact about any environmental compliance and audit criteria inquiries,

Because we have more than 25years of service to all industries, we offer custom made solutions to, industrial cleaning, environmental management, hazardous waste management and spill response. So get audit ready with a Spill Risk Assessment on your site (SRA), as we offer services from assessments and training to mock drills and solutions that as curated to your individual sites.

Because no two clients or sites are similar, we always offer professional assessments and solutions, so that you are able to generate high environmental audit scores, protecting reputation and safety whilst managing budgets.

Environmental protection is not just law, but also a safety requirement. Contaminated environments can negatively influence the health of staff onsite. Any Negative impacts can reduce productions, thus leading to loss in income or revenue.

It is the responsibility of all to prevent and remedy the pollution of water, soil, air and the environment.

The following Acts, provide more detail

National Environmental Management Act

National Water Act