Hazardous Waste Management

Sorting and Storage

Hazardous Waste Management is a time consuming and noncore responsibility that distracts from your core business. It involves staff management and training on sorting and storage as well as contractor supervision.

Let us provide a complete solution to manage the responsibility:
• Identification
• Waste containment
• Separation
• Storage
• Safe and legal disposal
• Waste documentation for audit purposes

Safe Disposal

Contractors provide waste disposal services but as we frequently hear on the news, some do not dispose of your waste legally at permitted disposal facilities. The resulting environmental impact and non-compliance could put your company at risk.

Our responsible Hazardous Waste Management solution includes:
• Legal disposal
• Registered waste transportation
• Ethical practices
• Waste documentation for audit purposes

Transportation of Hazardous Waste

Are your waste contractor’s vehicles registered as legally required?

When disposing of hazardous waste, get the peace of mind that a reputable and registered waste transporter brings.

Our vehicles are compliant and registered to reduce the high risks involved with transfers, transportation and disposal of your company’s hazardous waste.

We minimize your risk with the highest standards of:
• Vehicle maintenance
• Dangerous Goods permitted drivers
• Legal compliance with all relevant legislation
• Dangerous Goods transport experience
• Registered and branded vehicles