Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos Identification

As asbestos poses a high risk to human health, any Asbestos Containing Materials on your site need to be identified and marked by clear warning signs according to the regulation.

Sites that have materials that contain asbestos, by law are required to have registers that are completed and updated every 2 years. The registers are to describe the material, its condition and location amongst other details and are to list and record any changes, removals or maintenance information.

We will take care of your asbestos identification and compliance responsibilities for complete peace of mind.

We keep you fully compliant by providing:
• Competent inspectors
• Identification and verification services
• Compliant and skilled workforce
• Approved Asbestos Inspection Authorities to choose from
• Full reports including images
• Bi-annual inspection to keep your asbestos register up-to-date


Asbestos Removal

When Asbestos Containing Materials have been identified on your site, we will safely remove the materials according to scope and legal compliance.

Our Trained personnel ensure that all asbestos sites are managed in accordance with the Asbestos Plan of Work (POW), as set out be the Approved Asbestos Inspection Authority (AAIA).

A site inspection and clearance is done on completion of asbestos work to certify the removal of asbestos containing material.

We provide:
• Safe removal and handling
• Asbestos transportation
• Legal Asbestos Disposal
• Post removal inspection
• Certification

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos Containing Materials pose significant risks to individuals and the work environment. The legal disposal of asbestos is crucial not only for compliance but for the health and safety of future generations.

As a registered Removal Contractor we provide:
• Legal containment
• Removal and transportation
• Disposal
• Clearance report and safe waste disposal documentation
• Assurance that your company risk has been managed from cradle to the grave