Spill Kits

Spill Kits Range

Potential slip and fall hazards are present around machines and in storage areas where leaks, drips, sprays or spills are more likely to occur. A spill control plan should be developed with absorbent products readily available to control daily leaks and spills around your facility, or to use in case of an emergency.

With the Rapid Spill Response spill kits you can contain and cleanup spills when they happen and prevent further negative environmental and safety impacts.

Section 8 of the Occupational Health and  Safety Act states that every employer shall provide and maintain, as far as is reasonably possible, a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of his/her employees.


• Oil Only
• Universal
• Flammable Liquids
• Hazmat
• Mercury
• Body Fluids

Various sizes available.

Spill Kit Training

Spill Kit Training

Training course on the correct use of Rapid Spill Response spill kits for the containment and cleanup of spills when they happen.

2 Hour training session (Theory and  practical).

Minimum of 10 Attendees per session. Smaller numbers can be trained at minimum attendee rates.

Certificate of attendance to be issued on completion of the course (valid for 1 year)

Topics Includes:

• Introduction to Spill Incidents
• Site Safety
• 9 Hazard Classes
• 7 Steps on Spill Response
• Decontamination Procedures
• Done on Your Site or Can Be Hosted at Rapid Spill Response Office

Loose Absorbents

RapidZorb – Loose Absorbent Material


100 % Natural absorbent materials.

Product is Hydrophobic and repels water.

Non-Toxic &  Non-Leaching.

Top of the range absorbent material.

For use on oil based liquids.

Available in:

5 kg, 10 kg and 15 kg

EconoZorb – Loose Absorbent Material


100 % Natural absorbent materials.

Product is Hydrophobic and repels water.

Non-Toxic &  Non-Leaching.

For oil based liquids.

Available in:

5 kg, 10 kg and 15 kg

Chemsorb – Loose Absorbent Material


ChemSorb® is a high performance universal non-selective absorbent.

The absorbent has been tested with over 100 industrial liquid chemicals and solutions and has proven application in large industrial and petrochemical operations.

For use on oil and water based liquids

Available in:

5 kg and 10 kg

Floorsafe – Loose Absorbent Material

Floorsafe PEAT

Fast action of the absorbent saves time and effectively absorbs small and large oil/ hydrocarbon based spillages.

Floorsafe PEAT leaves floors dry and residue free ensuring that floors are clean and safe.

For use on oil based liquids.

Available in:

10 kg, 15 kg and 30 kg

Drip Trays

A Drip Tray is used to catch chemical and oil drips and leaks as well as containment for the storage of chemical and oil containers.

Use a Drip Tray under equipment or machinery where decanting takes place to ensure that any drips and leaks are contained.

These products can also be used under vehicles with small leaks or as a containment unit for equipment during maintenance.

Nestable Econo Drip Trays

Econo Range

Small (750 x 450 x 90 mm)

Medium (1 060 x 650 x 90 mm)

Large (1 060 x 650 x 140 mm)

Nestable for easy storage when not in use

Available in various Sizes and colours

Note, due to the casting and cooling processes used in the manufacturing of the Rapid™ Econo Drip Trays, minor variations in sizing may occur.

Dura Drip Tray

Dura Range

Available in 2 sizes:

Medium (900 x 400 x 100 mm)

Large (950 x 950 x 100 mm)

Ribbed bottom keeps containers or equipment above small spills or leaks and adds rigidity to the product.

Contained Absorbents

Absorbent boom – 2m L x 125mm Ø

Rapid Absorbent Booms

Absorbent booms are used to contain liquid spills fast and effectively.

Booms can be used to quickly isolate and  protect areas of risk and to prevent further contamination.

Available in: 

• Oil only
• Universal
• Flammable
• Hazmat


• 2 m x 125 mm
• 4 m x 125 mm

Absorbent socks – 1.2m L x 70mm Ø

Rapid Absorbent Socks

Absorbent socks are tough and economical.

Use them to contain leaks and spills, thereby keeping the workplace clean and safe, preventing the spread of spilt liquids.

Available in: 

• Oil only
• Universal
• Flammable
• Hazmat


• 2 m x 70 mm (28/box)

Absorbent pillow – 400 x 400 mm

Rapid Absorbent Pillows

Use in areas that are hard-to-reach and where loose absorbent application recovery is difficult. Leaking equipment e.g hoses can be placed on the pillows in order to absorb the spilled liquid.

Available in: 

• Oil only
• Universal
• Flammable
• Hazmat


• Small 200 mm x 400 mm (20/bag)
• Large 400 mm x 400 mm (40/bag)

Absorbent mat – 380 x 480 mm

Rapid Absorbent Mats

Mat pads are ideal for absorbing liquids indoors and outdoors on surfaces, and can be used to “wipe” contaminated equipment clean.

Available in: 

• Oil only
• Universal


• 380mm x 480mm (200/box)

White for use on oils only and Grey for use on water-based liquids.

Truck Mat  – 1.5 m x 800mm

Rapid Truck Mats

Can be used for containing dripping liquids from vehicles such as trucks and forklifts.

Has heavy chain stitched into the sides to prevent movement in windy conditions.

Available Types and  Sizes:
• 1500mm x 800mm
• Truck Mat Starter Kit (PVC Holder + 10 mats)
• Truck Mat Refill (10 mats)

Railway Mat – 2 x 1.3 Meter

Rapid Railway Mats

RAPID’s Railway Mats are effective at preventing drips, leaks and spills from contaminating underlying surfaces such as soil and ballast between railway tracks.

Heavy-duty polyethylene backing ensures that no oils or fuels leak through onto and in between the ballast stones. Non-woven bonded material top cover is scuff and tear resistant while allowing spilled liquids to permeate to absorbent material for containment.


Rapid Spill Response has a wide range of environmentally friendly degreasers for the removal of spills and stains on various surfaces

Available volumes: 

5L  |  25L  |  210L  |  1 000L

Rapid Bio Zip Degreaser

• Water soluble
• Used for removal of oil, grease & hydrocarbon residues
• Bio-degradable
• For use on Cement or concrete surfaces

Available volumes:
5L  |  25L  |  210L  |  1 000L

OT8 Degreaser

• Biological cleaner
• Aqueous suspension of selected natural bacteria
• Used for removal of oil, grease & hydrocarbon residues
• For use on paved and porous surfaces

Available volumes:
5L  |  25L  |  210L  |  1 000L

Road-Bio Degreaser

• Low foaming degreasers
• Aqueous suspension
• Removal of oil spills
• For use on Tar surfaces

Available volumes:
5L  |  25L  |  210L  |  1 000L



Hand Tools

With safety top of mind, Employers and Employees need to be aware of the risks in their industry and work areas. There are solutions to eliminate or reduce risk in various industries, through simple changes in the work environment and processes, risk can be managed and minimalised.

Contact us for a FREE SPILL RISK ASSESSMENT at your site (Gauteng only).

We also assist with solutions for Environmental and Process Audit Criteria.

On completion of the Spill Risk Assessment you will receive a report with recommendations on how to reduce your risks related to Environmental contamination, product loss and spills.

Spark Free Shovel

Rapid™ Spark-Free Shovel

• Robust polyethylene construction
• Spark proof
• Food grade
• Ideal for aggressive chemicals
• Ergonomically designed

We also supply:

• Heavy Duty brooms
• Recovery pan and brushes
• Recovery bags (1060 x 710 mm – 150 micron – Antistatic)
• Barrier Tape
• Chem Tape

Drum Trolley

Rapid Steel Drum Trolly

• Suitable for 210L drums
• Castor Wheels
• Easily move 210l drums without the need for a forklift
• Available with Handle or trolley only

Polyethylene Wheelbarrow

Rapid™ Polyethylene Wheel Barrow

Rust Free wheelbarrow bin with a polyethylene bin.

More durable than the standard steel bins.

Capacity: 60L


Wide range of standard and specialised PPE

We can also assist with:

• First Aid Kits,
• Spill Response Trailers
• Spill Preparedness Training.

Remediation Products

Rapid BioRemediation is an established microbial biotechnical division of Rapid Spill Response. The remediation division is focused on the development and production of fast acting, cost effective and efficient mycoremediation and bioremediation products. This division also manufactures oil and chemical absorbents, microbial degreasing products, spill kits and remediation kits.

Mycoremediation Product

Rapid Mycoremediation

This product is capable of degrading a very large range of organic molecules, including highly toxic polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and alkanes that are naturally present in crude oil and its derivatives.

Available in 10 kg bags


• Less disposal costs due to remediation
• Capable of degrading a wider range of pollutants

Rapid BioBlue 25L

Rapid Bioblue

This product is primarily used to accelerate mycoremediation of contaminated soils that are being treated with Rapid Mycoremediation media. Rapid BioBlue can also be used in situations where soil has been contaminated to great depths and needs to be remediated insitu. (Next to roads or buildings)

Rapid BioBlue can also be used in water, as it is a non-hazardous water based concentration.

Available in 25 L, 210 L and 1 000 L


• Product can be allowed and relied upon to follow the same pathway as the contaminant.
• Blue colour allows for visual detection of the product where applied
• Cost effective due to less site monitoring visits

Safe Storage

Rapid Spill Response storage solutions were designed with the customer requirements in mind.

When dealing with flammable products and chemicals, safety is always a priority.

8 Drum Storage unit 3 x 1.5 x 1.6 m

8 Drum Storage Unit

• Secure, Vandal Proof storage of drums
• Allows for ventilation to reduce fumes
• Fully lockable containment unit
• Floor grid and drain allows for the drainage of any leaked products

Bulk Waste Station 4.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 m

Bulk Waste Station

Housekeeping onsite or at your office is extremely important as this is a reflection on safety attitude the business and brand, it also aids on the management of risk, equipment, consumables and waste. With these units it is easier to ensure a clean and safe work space.

• Mild steel, 2 division, bulk waste bin
• 1 cube storage space in each division
• Includes 2 waste labels
• Colour coding to client requirement

Units also ensure that additional leaks, drips and spills do not impact the area and is contained in the units.

1 Cube Skip Bin

1 m3 Skip Bin

• Ideal for household or commercial use
• Easy to move where needed on site by means of a forklift, not stuck in one place like larger skip bins
• Also available in a 3 cube unit

(Liner and cover sold separately)

Portable PVC Bund

Portable PVC Bund

• Fully collapsible, easy to use containment bund
• Can be used on sites for temporary waste, liquid container or equipment placement
• Used for the prevention of contamination through leaks and spills
• Can be custom made to client size requirements

Safety Equipment

Rapid Spill Response provides clients with a wide range of site safety tools, from PPE to hand tools and containment products. We have the solution for you.

Contact us to schedule a FREE SPILL RISK ASSESSMENT at your site. This assessment includes a report and recommendations on the preventative measures, that can be implemented to assist in reducing the risks of unnecessary large product spills and losses.

With Rapid Spill Response Technical Experts, we can assist you with a cleaner, safer work place.

Wheel Chock Block

Wheel Chock Block

Wheel chocks are placed for safety in addition to setting the brakes.

These chocks assist in preventing accidental movement of vehicles and equipment.

Available in various sizes to accommodate various wheel sizes.

Rapid Overdrum

Rapid™ Overdrum

Use Rapid™ Overdrum to contain damaged drums or large containers, the drum top is secured by a locking ring for safety.

Drum Funnel

Drum Funnel

• Return product to 210 L drums easily.
• No mess due to 600 mm diameter funnel
• Lid prevents rain water from entering the drums
• Fits onto tight head drums
• Makes recycling of product easier

**** Unit now also available in steel ****

Portable PVC Bund

Rapid™ Drum Trolley

The Rapid™ Drum Trolley was designed with safety and ergonomics in mind, providing warehouse and production staff with a solution for easy drum movement and management.

This unit helps prevent injury to staff incurred by picking up and moving 210L drums.

The Rapid™ Drum Trolley is compact, lightweight and easy to manage.

Spill Decks

With Rapid Spill Response Spill containment products, you can prevent leaks and small spills from impacting the environment.

Our products are made with the chemical and flammable industries in mind. These products are available in steel or plastic.

Spills happen quickly and can have a large impact on the safety of your work area, staff, the public or the environment, if not managed and contained as soon as possible. With the Rapid™ Spill Deck, leaks, drips and spills are contained in the catchment chamber of the deck.

Spilt product can then be recovered to the required containment for re-use or recycling. Keeping your surfaces clean, your work areas safe and saving you money by reducing lost product volumes.

2 Drum Steel Deck

Steel Decks

Available in 2 and  4 drum units
(Drums not included)


• Steel feet for easy forklift access
• Notched steel grid to ensure a good grip for the drum base
• Draining Valve for easy draining
• Yellow for increased visibility
• Earthing kits sold separately

2 Drum – 120 x 60 x 20 cm
4 Drum – 120 x 120 x 120 cm

4 Drum Polyethylene Deck 120 x 140 x 30 cm

Polyethylene Decks

Available in a 4 drum unit (Drums not included)


• Easy forklift access
• Removable grid for easy cleaning
• Yellow for increased visibility
• Polyethylene material ensures durability

Suitable for aggressive liquids such as corrosives


IBC Deck

• Enables the easy storage of an IBC or 210L drums, prevents unnecessary spillages on work floors and storage areas.
• Moulded for easy forklift and pallet jack access.
• Color coded for high visibility
• 1 000 L sump Capacity.