Specialised Environmental Cleaning

Dam de-watering and de-sludging

De-watering of dirty dams is a tricky business. Animal relocation, vegetation preservation and safe restoration of the natural habitat must be considered at all times. Spillages are not uncommon into these types of natural or man-made dams, therefore we ensure all natures’ concerns and needs are catered for along with our clients’ peace of mind.

Rapid Spill Response™ was involved in many dam de-watering and dam cleaning projects. Ranging from the jetfuel spillage in 2005 to power station natural dam de-watering and silt removal, Rapid has experience on all levels of these projects. Dam cleaning, if planned properly, can run smoothly with the right plant and the right people. Some sites, depending of the size of the dam, can take a week, a month or even years. We assist our clients to remove any contamination on the water surface as well as to pump the water into allocated areas and to remove the silt build-up. We also level the surface according to surveyor standards and only close the work once the client signed off an onsite quality workmanship document.