Hand Tools

Rapid Spark Free Shovel:

  • Robust polyethylene construction
  • Spark proof
  • Food grade
  • Ideal for aggressive chemicals
  • Ergonomical



We also supply:

  • Heavy Duty brooms
  • Recovery pan and brushes
  • Recovery bags
  • Barrier Tape
  • Chem Tape
  • PPE


Rapid Steel Drum Trolley: 

  • Suitable for 210L drums
  • 4 Castor Wheels
  • Easy mobility





WheelbarrowRapid Polyethylene Wheel barrow:

Standard wheelbarrow with a polyethylene bin which is more durable than the steel bins


Capacity: 60L




  • Wide range of standard and specialised PPE
  • We can also assist with First Aid Kits, Spill Response Trailers and Spill Preparedness Training.

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