Hand Tools

Spark FreeRapid™ Spark Free Shovel:

  • Robust polyethylene construction
  • Spark proof
  • Food grade
  • Ideal for aggressive chemicals
  • Ergonomical



We also supply:

  • Heavy Duty brooms
  • Recovery pan and brushes
  • Recovery bags
  • Barrier Tape
  • Chem Tape
  • PPE


Drum TrolleyDrum TrolleyRapid™ Steel Drum Trolley: 

  • Suitable for 210L drums
  • 4 Castor Wheels
  • Easy mobility





Spark FreeRapid™ Polyethylene Wheel barrow:

Spark Free wheelbarrow with a polyethylene bin which is more durable than the standard steel bins.


Capacity: 60L




  • Wide range of standard and specialised PPE
  • We can also assist with First Aid Kits, Spill Response Trailers and Spill Preparedness Training.

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With safety top of mind, Employers and Employees need to be aware of the risks in their industry and work areas. There are solutions to eliminate or reduce risk in various industries, through simple changes in the work environment and processes, risk can be managed and minimalised.

Contact us for a Free Spill Risk Assessment at your site (Gauteng only). We also assist with solutions for Environmental and Process Audit Criteria.

On completion of the Spill Risk Assessment you will receive a report with recommendations on how to reduce your risk to Environmental contamination, product loss and spill prevention.