Absorbent Materials – Contained

Spill Kit compatibility & size chart



Rapid Absorbent Booms:

Absorbent booms are used to contain liquid spills fast and effectively.

Booms can be used to quickly isolate & protect areas of risk and to prevent further contamination.

Available in: 

  • 2 m x 125 mm
  • 4 m x 125 mmproduct compatibility chart


Absorbent-SocksRapid Absorbent Socks: 

Absorbent socks are touch and economical.

Use them to contain leaks and spills, thereby keeping the workplace clean and safe, preventing the spread of spilt liquids.

Available in:

1.2 m x 70 mm


product compatibility chart



Absorbent-PillowsRapid Absorbent Pillows:

Use in areas that are hard-to-reach and where loose absorbent application recovery is difficult. Leaking equipment e.g hoses can be placed on the pillows in order to absorb the spilled liquid.

Available in:

  • Small 200 mm x 400 mm (20/bag)
  • Large 400 mm x 400 mm (40/bag)product compatibility chart




Rapid Absorbent Mats:

Mat pads are ideal for absorbing liquids indoors & outdoors on surfaces, & can be used to “wipe” clean contaminated equipment.

Available in:
380mm x 480mm (200/box)Oil & Universal Compatible






RAPID-Truck-MatsRapid Truck Mats:

Can be used for containing dripping liquids from vehicles such as trucks & forklifts.

Available Types & Sizes:
1500mm x 800mm

Truck Mat Starter Kit (PVC Holder + 10 mats)
Truck Mat Refill (10 mats)



RAPID-Railway-MatsRapid Railway Mats: 

RAPID’s Railway Mats are effective at preventing drips, leaks and spills from contaminating underlying surfaces such as soil and ballast between railway tracks. Heavy-duty polyethylene backing ensures that no oils or fuels leak through onto and in between the ballast stones.Non-woven bonded material top cover is scuff and tear resistant while allowing spilled liquids to permeate to absorbent material for containment.

Size: 2m x 1.3m