BioRemediation products

BioRemediation Products


Rapid BioRemediation is a newly established microbial biotechnical division of Rapid Spill Response.

The remediation division is focused on the development and production of fast acting, cost effective and

efficient mycoremediation & bioremediation products.

This division also manufactures oil & chemical absorbents, microbial degreasing products, spill kits &

remediation kits.


Our Remediation Products:

BioRemediation ProductsRapid Mycoremediation: 

This product is capable of degrading a very large range of organic molecules, including highly toxic polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and alkanes that are naturally present in crude oil and its derivatives.

Available in 10 kg bags


  • Less disposal costs due to remediation
  • Capable of degrading a wider range of pollutants




BioRemediation Products

Rapid BioBlue:

This product is primarily used to accelerate mycoremediation of contaminated soils that are being treated with Rapid Mycoremediation media. Rapid BioBlue can also be used in situations where soil has been contaminated to great depths and need to be remediated insitu. (Next to roads or buildings)

Rapid BioBlue can also be used in water, as it is a non-hazardous water based concentration.

Available in 25 L, 210 L & 1 000 L


  • Product can be allied and relied upon to follow the same pathway as the contaminant.
  • Allows for visual detection of the product where applied
  • Cost effective due to less site monitoring visits


See our Remediation Services for larger spills and contamination requirements.