Spill Decks


With Rapid Spill Response® Spill containment products, you can prevent leaks and small spills from impacting the environment.

Our product are made with the chemical & flammable industries in mind. These products are available in steel or plastic.

2 drum steel spill deck

Steel Spill Decks:

Available in 2 & 4 drum units

(Drums not included)



  • Steel feet for easy forklift access
  • Notched steel grid
  • Draining Valve
  • Yellow for increased visibility
  • Earthing kits sold separately





Polyethylene deck

Polyethylene Drum Decks:

Available in a 4 drum unit

(Drums not included)



  • Easy forklift access
  • Removable grid for easy cleaning
  • Yellow for increased visibility
  • Polyethylene material ensures durability



IBC spill deck