Spill Decks

With Rapid Spill Response Spill containment products, you can prevent leaks and small spills from impacting the environment.

Our product are made with the chemical & flammable industries in mind. These products are available in steel or plastic.

2 drum steel spill deck

Steel Decks:

Available in 2 & 4 drum units

(Drums not included)


  • Steel feet for easy forklift access
  • Notched steel grid
  • Draining Valve
  • Yellow for increased visibility
  • Earthing kits sold separately
Polyethylene deck

Polyethylene Decks:

Available in a 4 drum unit

(Drums not included)


  • Easy forklift access
  • Removable grid for easy cleaning
  • Yellow for increased visibility
  • Polyethylene material ensures durability
IBC Deck

IBC Deck

Enables the easy storage of an IBC or 210L drums, prevents unnecessary spillages on work floors and storage areas.

Moulded for easy forklift and pallet jack access.

Color coded for high visibility

1 000 L sump Capacity.

Spills happen quickly and can have a large impact in the safety of your work area, staff, the public or the environment if not managed and contained as soon as possible. With the Rapid™ Spill Deck, leaks, drips and and spills are contained in the catchment chamber of the deck.

Spilt product can then be recovered to the required containment for re-use or recycling. Thus keeping your surfaces clean, your work areas safe and saving you money by reducing lost product volumes.