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Rapid Spill Response® is a leader the spill response and specialised cleaning industry in South Africa. Established in 2000, Rapid Spill Response® set the benchmark for the industry and our management systems are trusted throughout the various industries we service. Above all, we continue to operate on a candid level.


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Oil Water Separators

Separator Cleaning

OIL WATER Separators:

What they are, how they work and what they are used for

An Oil Water Separator is a piece of equipment used for the separation of oil and water mixtures in various industries.

These units are usually connected to drains, trenches, wash bays, storm water systems and other water run off or water  management systems on industrial, commercial or retails sites.

There are Various types of oil water separator systems for different industries

  • API oil–water separator
  • Oily water separator (marine)
  • Gravity plate separatorSeparator 5
  • Centrifugal oily water separator
  • Hydrocyclone oily water separator
  • Flotation
  • Nut shell filtration
  • Electrochemical
  • Downhole oil–water separation
  • Bioremediation

Each one with it’s own features and applications.


The basic reason this system works is density.

Oil is less dense than water and that is why it floats on the water surface. Waste water form rain or cleaning or company processes enter the oil water separator through the inlet. The system then filters the water through a 3 chamber system, removing solids waste, filtering the water away from the oils and hydrocarbons and releasing the treated waste water to flow to the sewerage system. (No more than 10 ppm free oil allowed)


Oil Water Separator



These units are found in all industries.From Filling Stations and Storage houses, to process plants and mines. These units help to keep hazardous chemicals from entering the sewerage systems and impacting the environment.

Remember to see our maintenance services for Separator Cleaning. 
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Separator 1Separator 4

Remediation products

Rapid Remediation


Rapid Remediation is a newly established microbial biotechnical division of Rapid Spill Response®.

The remediation division is focused on the development and production of fast acting, cost effective and

efficient mycoremediation & bioremediation products.

This division also manufactures oil & chemical absorbents, microbial degreasing products, spill kits &

remediation kits.


Our Remediation Products:

Mycoremediation ProductRapid Mycoremediation: 

This product is capable of degrading a very large range of organic molecules, including highly toxic polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and alkanes that are naturally present in crude oil and its derivatives.

Available in 10 kg bags


  • Less disposal costs due to remediation
  • Capable of degrading a wider range of pollutants




Bio Blue

Rapid BioBlue:

This product is primarily used to accelerate mycoremediation of contaminated soils that are being treated with Rapid Mycoremediation media. Rapid BioBlue can also be used in situations where soil has been contaminated to great depths and need to be remediated insitu. (Next to roads or buildings)

Rapid BioBlue can also be used in water, as it is a non-hazardous water based concentration.

Available in 25 L, 210 L & 1 000 L


  • Product can be allied and relied upon to follow the same pathway as the contaminant.
  • Allows for visual detection of the product where applied
  • Cost effective due to less site monitoring visits






Rapid Roll Over - Fuel

Rapid Spill Response® is a leader the spill response and specialised cleaning industry in South Africa. Established in 2000, Rapid Spill Response® set the benchmark for the industry and our management systems are trusted throughout the various industries we service. Above all, we continue to operate on a candid level.


We provide a wide range of services including:

  • Specialised industrial cleaning:

Our specialised industrial cleaning services include confined space entry cleaning, industrial surface cleaning, dam cleaning, pipeline cleaning and draining, shut down cleaning services, as well as fuel and chemical pumping.

  • Emergency spill response:

Emergency spill response services includes road, rail, industrial, fire restoration, historical spills, as well as remediation of contaminated land and water.

  • Asbestos removal:

Under asbestos removal we do insulation, lagging, ceilings, seals and gaskets, building demolition, facia boards, pipes and asbestos cement.

  • Hazardous waste:

Under hazardous waste we do the collection, re-packing, transportation, safe disposal and bin rentals.






In all areas of operations, Rapid Spill Response® will observe and adhere to the following priorities:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Service Delivery

At Rapid Spill Response® we strongly believe in an honest, competitive, ethical approach to business.

Rapid Spill Response® has a national footprint in South Africa and bordering countries. We have over 17 years of experience in the spill response industry and through innovation we continue to grow.

Our associations and certifications:

  • Registered Waste Transporter
  • CAIA Member
  • Fire Protection Association Member
  • Institute of Waste Management Member
  • Approved Sasol & BP SA Emergency Response Contractor
  • Registered with the Department of Labour as Asbestos Contractor

If you are looking for a specialist in the spill cleaning or specialised industrial cleaning industry, contact the experts at Rapid Spill Response®.


Spill response services with a difference.



Fuel and chemical pumping

Rapid Spill Response® owns a variety of pumps and equipment, enabling our teams to assist clients with the pumping out of product from underground as well as above ground storage tanks, road tankers and other product holding containers.

This service is required by clients whom transport and store liquids.

Tanks are cleaned to allow for maintenance as well as removal and replacement.

Product transfers are also required by transporters with bulk liquid tankers that are overloaded at weighbridges.


Contact Rapid Spill Response for more information on our Fuel And Chemical Pumping Services.

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