Remediation of land and soil


What is Bio-Remediation?

Bio-remediation can be defined as any process that uses microorganisms, fungus, green plants or other enzymes to return the natural environment, altered by contaminants, to its original condition.

Bio-remediation can be employed to attach specific soil contaminants, such as degrading of chlorinated hydrocarbons by bacteria.

An example of a more general approach is the cleanup of oil spills by addition of nitrate or sulphate fertilisers to facilitate the decomposition of oil by indigenous or erogenous bacteria.

Rapid Spill Response®  has extensive experience in the bio-remediation and restoration of polluted an contaminated sites.

Rapid Remediation

Rapid Remediation is a newly established microbial biotechnical division of Rapid Spill Response®.

The remediation division is focussed on the development & production of fast acting, cost effective &

efficient mycoremediation & bioremediation products.

This division also manufactures oil & chemical absorbents, microbial degreasing products, spill kits &

remediation kits.

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