Dam Cleaning

Dam Cleaning Services

Dam cleaning services:

Natural dams,  Oil Holding Dams, Settling & floc tanks/ dams, Rapid Spill Response can assist with your dam cleaning & large water bodies cleaning while they are still operational.

Dredging can be used to remove desired materials from the waterbed such as minerals, sludge and other build-up.

It can also be used for land restoration by discharging dredged sediments onto land or by disposing of heavily contaminated sediment at a permitted disposal facility.

We also do skimming of dam surfaces and vegetation removal.

Focus on Dam Maintenance

What to check when you manage a dam or catchment area:

  • Surface contamination
  • Silt and slurry levels
  • Water conditions
  • Vegetation
  • Condition of run in and run off liquids

Well maintained dams and catchment areas ensure that the volume of the holding area is maximised and remains healthy. Contaminated areas affect the surrounding environmental, your staff and the public.

dam cleaning services

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