Super Sucker Services

Super Sucker Services are used for Pit cleaning – Sump cleaning – Oil water separators and many more application where large volumes of liquid product need to be removed.

Our Super Suckers are available 24hrs a day, 365 Days a year

Rapid Spill Response owns Super Suckers with a wet ring NASH vacumation systems.

Our Super Sucker also consists of an on-board High Pressure washing system that is used to clean on site systems during our industrial cleaning operations

Units are able to vacuum out the following contaminated areas:

  • Separator systems
  • Sumps and pits
  • Manholes
  • Oil holding dams
  • Excavations containing contaminated water

Benefits of using our Super Sucker:

  • Legal disposal of your waste
  • Trained and skilled personnel
  • Recovery of product or re-use
  • Fast and effective
  • Large loads can be removed or moved quickly

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