Absorbent Materials – Loose



Floatsorb absorbent

Floatsorb (Oil Absorbent):

Used for the removal of oils and oil based products from water surfaces. Absorbs  25:1 of its own weight.

Repels water and is ideal for use in a contained form.













ChemSorb® is a high performance universal non-selective absorbent.

The absorbent has been tested with over 100 industrial liquid chemicals and solutions and has proven application in large industrial and petrochemical operations.








Floorsafe Regular


Floor safe (Regular):

Fast action of the absorbent saves time and effectively absorbs small and large oil/hydrocaron based spillages.

Floorsafe leaves floors dry and residue free ensuring that floors are clean and safe.










Floorsafe Peat


Floorsafe (Peat):

Floorsafe PEAT is a dried sphagnum peat moss product that repels water & absorbs oil, which is not released back into the environment.

Floorsafe PEAT will absorb a wide range of hydrocarbons.